aUTONOME zONE – The Collective of natural Disasters & Góbi Rita /2014

aUTONOME zONE shows the special dynamic of the ties between music, imagery and motion. A radical, poetic penetration behind the material, to achieve a state of non-materialistic, emotional charging.
aUTONOME zONE is a personal reality – on one side, there’s the counter-culture with the cultivation of the body, bodily proximity, creative freedom, the search for form and content and mainstream culture on the other, with lost naivete, contrivances, the world of role-playing, struggle, suffering and stigma.

For this performance I made a 50 minute realtime animation inspired by the dresses of Edit Szücs, on the music of FINEARTSMUSIC. The animation was projected on 8m x 2,5m screen above the performance space.

Body-mask: SZÜCS Edit
Choreography: GÓBI Rita
Video & computer animation: KORAI ZSOLT
Dance :
Arnaud Blondel, Egyed Bea, Góbi Rita, Samu Kristóf, SebestyénTímea, Sinthavong Zsófia, Spala Korinna, Szél Dalma Rebeka, Takács László
With: ÁRVAI GYörgy – élö-elektronika, sampler, groovebox/ live-electronics, sampler
KOPASZ Tamás – gitár, elektronika / guitar, electronics
PHILLIPP GYörgy – ének, elektronika/vocal, electronics
LÖRINC Katalin
…and others!
Fashion: students of Fashion and Textile Department of MOME (Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest) – Bakos Bogi, Bokányi Nóra, Hegedüs Dóra, Merényi Zita, Nógrádi Nelli
Video technics: Esteban DE LA TORRE
Light: SZIRTES Attila
Consultant: IMRE Zoltán
Concept: ÁRVAI GYörgy
Production manager: BAKK Ágnes

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