Mind-Kick v2. /2015

Take the idea of the popular table-top game found in pubs, bars and workplaces all across Europe – table football -, and place it right into a sci-fi movie: players control the game with merely the movement of their brains, i.e. their thoughts. In project MindKick, Youniverse just do exactly that. We envision the high tech version of the classic game. And we do have a working prototype.
The movement of the ball is determined by the real-time output of 10 CPU fans placed around the ‘arena’. Each player gets to control 3 pairs of fans. The point of the the game of course is to score. Players can achieve it by turning on the appropriate fans on each side of the ‘arena’ at the right time, thus maneuvering the ball into the opponent’s goal. To do all this, players only need to perform mental actions. Both participants are wearing high-end brainwave sensors that are interconnected through a central unit which receives and processes realtime brainwave pattern information from both sensors and controls the output of the fans accordingly. An additional laptop is used for configuring the sensors and to display score and play sound effects. Before the game begins, players must undergo a roughly 3 minute calibration period with the sensors.

Concept / electronics: Sándor MAKRA

Programing / animation : Zsolt KORAI

Older team: Csongor DOMBOVÁRI, Kata KEREKES


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