3D printing /2013-

My first 3D printer was a Cube 2, after which I started learning about the building of 3D printers. Shortly after I printed my second (Prusa i3) and third (Mendel Max 1.5) printers with some modifications and some parts that I designed myself, like the dual head x carriage. When my first Cube was broken, I replaced it’s electronic parts like the motherboard, the extruder, etc. so that it worked like a reprap 3D printer (normally the Cube has a locked software and lots of limitations, but with the new motherboard I could control every setting).

I used the printers for various purposes, venturing into jewellery design, printing custom parts for my other electronic projects, new 3D printer parts, and a lot more.

Nowadays I use only my Mendel Max 1.5 because I could only bring one printer with me to Reykjavík.

Built 3D printers: Prusa I3, Mendel Max 1.5, Cube mod, Ord bot

Other often used 3d printers: Makerbot Replicator, Leapfrog Creator


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