(IN)Finity – The Collective of natural Disasters /2012

Lábán Rudolf Award for the best dance performance of the year 2012

(In)Finity is not merely a repetition of the language used in the piece entitled Living Space
(1986) by the Collective of Natural Disasters, but rather its reshaping through the inclusion of
Rita Góbi’s personality and gestures and the confrontation with the changes in thought, world-view,
metaphysics and technology that have since taken place. (In)Finity offers an experience of the
existence of body and space on a level of which we have grown unaccustomed to thanks to our
falsely humane civilization, societal socialization and contemporary fast-food culture.

Choreography: GÓBI Rita
Dramaturge: IMRE Zoltán
Electronics: KORAI Zsolt
Video: KORAI Zsolt, LENZ Tünde
Light: SZIRTES Attila
Mask: Károlyi Balázs
Costume: SZÜCS Edit
Production manager: KULCSÁR Viktória
Concept& directed by: ÁRVAI György


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