VOTE-interactive political dance theatre – The Symptoms 2012

Lábán Rudolf Award for the best dance performance of the year 2012

This performance is happening on two levels. Every member of the audience can vote, whether they want to view the dance performance on the stage or listen in the dark to newscasts from Hungary between 1938 and 1944. Vote makes use of an interactive technical solution to treat the themes of collective decision and individual responsibility — with the participation of the audience.

For this performance I designed, manufactured and controlled a custom made voting system installed in the performance space, with a 2-way switch attached to the seat of every spectator of the performance. During the play they could influence the flow of the performance by a majority vote, and in the epilogue we displayed different statistical data of that particular night (most undecided spectator, most active/inactive spectator, etc.).

Dircted by: Réka Szabó
Actors: Ayelet Yekutiel, Emil Bordás , Bea Egyed , Dóra Furulyás, Dániel Szász
Dramaturg: Krisztián Peer
Lighting: Attila Szirtes
Special technology (voting system hardware and software): Zsolt Korai
Music: Albert Márkos
Musicians: Márton Bakai – violin, Albert Márkos – cello, Ernö Hock – double bass, Zoltán Ernö Rubik – piano, LászlóTömösközi – percussion
Costume: Juli Balázs, Luca Szabados
Special thanks to: Balázs Barna, István Gáti, Csaba Trenka, Sophie Teheux
Sponsors: Trafó House of Contemporary Arts, National Cultural Fund, Open Society Institute

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