For this piece I created a software for detecting the motions and gestures of one of the actors, who is using an infra rod to draw a projected picture in real time during the performance.

This work of Gábor Goda and the Artus company was inspired by the 19th century Japanese painter Hokusai. Hokusai made his renowned picture by commission titled ’Rooster’ within a minute after a decade of hundreds of attempts.
Hokusai, the 19th century Japanese painter-genius made his renowned picture titled „Rooster” by commission within a minute after a decade of hundreds of attempts. When do we get the feeling that it’s good and ready that we have brought about? What about our life of hundreds of days that we are continuously creating? What is this anxious strive for constant judgement, evaluation of ourselves? And who is the commissioner? According to whose expectations do we live your life, do we paint our moments? Each move creates something but vanishes an earlier one at the same time. Each moment, each and every creative move is another morning of which the Rooster reminds us.

Set design: BODÓCZKY Antal
Video: BODÓCZKY Antal, KORAI Zsolt, TÉRI Gáspár
Choregraphy, directed by: GODA Gábor

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